Original color planters

We make CoCo Katsuko® original color planters to decorate your interiors. Our planters are highly functional and brighten your rooms at the same time. They come in many colors, so you’re sure to find just what you want.



Sunflower planters have a sunflower pattern. They’re intended for taller flowers and create a delightful impression. Place them in lobbies and other areas where people will notice them for maximum impact.


A little more slender than the Sunflower. Fits well into any space and looks marvelous.


Sun planters have a sunrise pattern. Place them on tables and reception desks close to people.

Place Sun planters in a row to create a different impression.


Our leaf-shaped planters come in a huge range of colors ? stack one on top of the other for different color combinations. Colorful planters brighten up any space.