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Special blended Soil "Eco-Do®"

Special Eco-Do soil developed out of NASA technology

We have developed special Eco-Do soil to maximize the capacities of eco-plants .

We mix together activated carbon, which has a strong deodorizing action, and ground limestone which has been heat treated at 2000℃. The mixture both helps plants grow and eliminates unpleasant odors. The mixture also encourages the activity of beneficial microorganisms, that biodegrade the contaminants and make them available to the fungi in the soil and parasitic plants. Eco-do keeps the air fresh, and also keeps plants healthy and finally creates the right environment for the human body.

The ecosystem research team that developed Eco-do®

Ecosystem research team that developed Eco-do out of research conducted by NASA (the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

The facility covers an area of 15,000 m2, includes 11 greenhouses and produces around 15,000 seedlings. It’s located in a rich natural environment and supports our business as our R&D base.

We’ve been accumulating data based on our findings over many years at our research facility, creating more effective recycling systems. We’re currently deeply involved in green recycling systems.

Research on clearing toxins with Eco-do®

Comparison of rate of elimination of xylene concentrations by Massangeana in ordinary soil and Eco-do in sealed chambers

Massangeana was exposed to xylene in a sealed chamber. We found that 27.4% more of the xylene was removed with Eco-do than with ordinary soil.

Research of Eco-do® features on TV

Our research on Eco-do featured on TV Tokyo’s World Business Satellite: Trend Tamago on September 29, 2005.