Takenaka Ecology Garden®

After long research and testing, NASA (the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration) published its findings in the scientific literature. It named fifty types of plants as "eco-plants"that have particularly strong air-cleansing action.

Here at Takenaka, we have created the "Ecology Garden" a new kind of indoor garden. The Ecology Garden brings together the eco-plants that NASA researched with our own special Eco-do soil, which contains activated carbon for its strong deodorizing action, as the growing medium.

Foliage plants, the microorganisms that coexist with them in their roots, and the activated carbon all work together to create an air-cleansing system. Truly a miniature ecosystem world within the global environment.

Yet another effect

Ecology Garden doesn’t just cleanse the air through theirEco-plantsandEco-do they also bring people peace of mind. Placing Ecology Gardens in public facilities and hospital waiting areas etc in particular will produce this sort of effect on the emotions. Putting fresh growing greenery indoors gives a luxurious feel. You can atomosphere you want, the types of plants by seleotong vary the types of plants according to the atmosphere you want inside, to create an opulent resort or European or any other sort.