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Privacy Policy

I Privacy policy

We are deeply conscious of the importance of keeping confidential any information that could identify any individual ‘personal information’. We consider it our duty to handle personal information appropriately, and we declare that we make every effort to maintain personal information according to the following guidelines.

1. Observance of law

In the conduct of our obligations in relation to the handling of personal information, we follow the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations etc, guidelines, industry self-governing rules and company regulations and so forth.

2. Collection of personal information

We collect personal information by fair and lawful means.

3. Collection of personal information

We will only use personal information for previously published purposes, when that information collected fell within that scope, and only to the extent necessary to conduct our business. In the event that we share personal information with any third party, or entrust the use of personal information to any third party, we will appropriately supervise such third parties to ensure confidentiality is maintained after careful investigations of the third parties.

4. Supply of personal information to third parties

Except where otherwise stipulated by law, we will not supply personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the individual (who could be identified from the persona information).

5. Measures to secure personal information

(1). We will maintain accurate and up to date personal information, and take care to ensure that it is always managed securely.

(2). We will take appropriate preventive measures to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration or unauthorized disclosure of personal information, as well as unauthorized access to, or invasion by computer viruses etc of, personal information. We will immediately take corrective action should any such event occur.

(3). We will maintain personal information and will not release it through transmission outside the company etc.

6. Disclosure, correction, cessation of use and destruction of personal information

In the event of a request by any individual to disclose, correct, cease the use of or destroy personal information relating to that individual, we will confirm the right of the individual to the information, and then make every effort to promptly and appropriately comply with the request.

7. Organization and systems

We recognize correctly managing personal information as our duty, and implement proper management of it. All relevant personnel, directors, regular staff and part-time and contract workers, are fully aware of the need to maintain confidentiality and to handle personal information appropriately in their regular work.

8. Compliance program for privacy

We have established a compliance program (including guidelines, requirements for privacy and other rules and requirements) relating to privacy in order to ensure that these guidelines are followed. We make every effort to ensure the correct management of personal information by fully training all our staff and other relevant persons in compliance, and by maintenance and ongoing reviews of and improvements to the program.

II How we use personal information

We use the personal information we have collected for the following purposes. Please contact our Inquiries section if you have any questions.

1. Personal information on customers

・Negotiations, communications, discussions, issue and receipt of orders, settlements (bank account information, emissions credits account information, online credit/debit card settlements and card authorizations etc), control of access to content/services and all other processes relating to transactions

・Receipt and dispatch of goods or services relating to transactions

2. Personal information of stockholders

・Exercise of rights and discharge of obligations under the Commercial Code

・Provision of all benefits to and implementation of all policies towards stockholders as stockholders

3. Personal information of applicants when recruiting

・Supply and communication of information for recruiting purposes, consideration of whether or not to employ and decisions thereon

・Supply and communication of data for employment after interim decision has been taken

4. Personal information concerning directors, permanent staff, staff on employment contracts, their families and retirees

・Rights and obligations under labor, tax and welfare laws in relation to business communications/exchange of information, personnel matters (including transfers, assessments and promotions etc), pay, attendance and welfare etc

・Procedures specified by company rules and regulations

・Communications and supply of information to labor unions, health insurance associations and Group companies

・Reporting to government and municipal authorities and other associated bodies, and organizations of which the company is a member

・Provision of welfare services/introductions to and related procedures associated with insurance bodies

・Transmission of internal reports and other material for dissemination, and emergency contacts

Moreover, personal information held by the company may be supplied to counterparties with which the company is in a contractual relationship (subcontractors, transport operators, financial institutions etc) for specific purposes, but such supply to third parties may be stopped at the request of the individual. (Contact Inquiries for details)

III Discussing maintaining privacy

Persons wishing to discuss or lodge complaints concerning, be advised of the purpose of use of, or to reveal, correct or prevent the use of, personal information held by the company, may apply to do so by the following procedures. Please note that we cannot accept direct approaches to the company.

Telephone inquiries

Tel. +81 3 5674 3600

9:15 am - 4:30 pm weekdays (excluding Saturdays and Sundays, public holidays, Summer holidays and December 29 to January 5 each year)

Mail inquiries

Personal - Information Manager

Takenaka Eco Garden

7-11-17 Funabori Edogawa-ku Tokyo 134-0091 Japan

●Identity verification

Please be aware that we may, according to the circumstances, undertake identity verification procedures before entering consultations. In order to ensure that they proceed smoothly, please follow the guidance below in providing identity documents.

・Documents to be provided for identity verification

1. Original Resident’s Card

2. Copy of any one of Health Insurance Certificate, Driver’s License, passport

・Documents to be provided when request is made by an agent or representative

1. Individual’s original Resident’s Card

2. Sealed Power of Attorney appointing agent or representative

3. Original Certificate of Seal Impression for the seal appearing on the Power of Attorney

4. Copy of any one of Health Insurance Certificate, Driver’s License, passport for the agent or representative

●Forms for consultations

・When application not accompanied by notice or statement of purpose

Please provide name, address, contact number and email address if available, and the subject to be discussed.

(The following application form is not required)

・When application accompanied by notice or statement of purpose

Please complete a copy of the following application form, and send with the identity verification documents by Recorded Delivery Post.

We will generally try to respond within 3 weeks of receiving your request.

*1 We require a fee of \1,000 per application when a notice or statement of purpose is provided. Payment should be made by bank transfer, with the transfer fees to be paid by the individual. The individual will also be responsible for the cost of sending the application and identity verification documents.

*2 If the cost of responding to your request exceeds \1,000, we will bill you for the balance.

*3 Please note that we will not respond if full payment is not included.


Applications for disclosure of personal data held

Takenaka Eco Garden

To: Manager, Personal Information

The Applicant makes the following request on the basis of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations etc

IV Treatment of personal information on our Web site

Takenaka Eco Garden pays most careful attention to the protection of personal information (information that could identify or specify any individual) provided by visitors, based on the Company’s Privacy Policy. The Company’s handling of personal information on our Web site is explained below.

1. Collection of personal information

When the Company asks visitors for personal information, it collects only the personal information required for the purpose stated.

2. Utilization of personal information

The Company utilizes the personal information on visitors it collects only for the purpose stated.

3. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Personal information is not disclosed to any third party except with the consent of the visitor, when deemed necessary according to law or in the public interest, where necessary to supply or disclose such information to any external business contracted to operate the Web site, on the basis of a confidentiality agreement and only insofar as necessary for the performance of the contracted work.

4. Management of personal information

The Company makes all reasonable efforts to secure the personal information supplied by visitors to this Web site against loss, destruction, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or unauthorized access.

5. Other

The Company may, at its own discretion or consequent upon the amendment or repeal of any law, alter, amend or add to these rules as required. This shall apply to the contents of this Web site. The Company accepts no responsibility for the protection of personal information on any other Web site linked to this Web site. You should confirm the privacy policies of any linked Web sites.